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Happy Swing // version 2

A GLAY LJ community

~Happy Swing~
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Welcome to Happy Swing! A GLAY Livejournal community!

This community is designed for the discussion of the Japanese pop rock band, GLAY!! You can post your creative works or pimp the latest website~! Also, for all of you news savy fans, give us the latest updates on the band!


1. Advertisments of other LJ related things are cool, just don't go over board and continously post it every day.

2. I know we all love to boast about ' Oh my god, I just did this and this today! ' but please, please, please... this is a community not your personal journal. If it has NOTHING to do with GLAY, then don't post it here.

3. RESPECT! Respect those of the community. I don't care if you hate that person from god know's where, but please, respect the posters of this community. If you disagree with what someone said, don't get nasty about it. Like they say: If you don't have nothing better to say, don't say it at all.

4. EW FANGIRLS EW! No, we don't tolerate the ' FANGIRLS ARE EVIL DIE ' rantings. Yeah, a lot of us pretty much despise them, but come on, gotta respect. As long as they didn't talk about your mother then try to keep your compassion. I mean, this is why we have LJs, right? :P

5. Keep all stories, rantings, wallpapers, etc under LJ cut. If its just three icons you're showing off then don't worry about that, but all things that are like 10 BILLION PLUS ONE large then please keep it under LJ-cut.

I hope everyone enjoys themselves here! One Love!

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