Linz (violetcloud) wrote in happyswing,

GLAY scans from GiGS 05 '05

I thought you all might appreciate these so...

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Nice! Thanks for sharing ^__^
youre welcome ^^
i love that shot of takuro! so pretty!
many times he's not very photogenic (IMHO) so when he looks good im very very happy XD
I think he is pretty photogenic it's just hard to find the pictures over the net >_< That's why I love looking at magazines and books, because you can see better pictures ^^
yeah! i think maybe we're the only two Takuro fans ever T_T LOL (kidding)
there need to be more taku love! he's a brilliant musician that needs more recognition XD
My favorite is actually Hisashi ^^;; but I love Takuro he IS GLAY! The man needs more love ♥
he sure does!! XD
ya gotta love hisashi too! no one looks better behind a guitar than he!!
ya gotta love hisashi too! no one looks better behind a guitar than he!!
His guitar skills are amazing! ^__^
yup he got mad skills!
i love your glay icons btw XD a whole set! very cool
Thank you! I have a few sets actually ^^
really? *too lazy to look so gives her more replies to reply to so she can pimp them all!! XD;;*
XD; You would be replying for a LONG time! Hey! mind if I had to you my friends list? You seem pretty cool ^_^


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Yay icons spam! Thanks for the scans btw. I thought i saw that at the store.. Whatever shiny pants JIRO was wearing in that 1st picture... They are sexy.
lol! youre welcome XD
luvin' the pants too ^___^

Deleted comment

no problem at all! XD
wow, thank you so much! photos of their instruments are so hard to find~
mhm! that's why i was so excited to see them in there! actually i bought it for the manymany pages on yukihiro (of l'arc en ciel). very surprised at the awesome GLAY pics
yes, thank you for sharing! (^-^) ...whoa, they even have a photo of teru's guitar (*__*)
XD glad you like it~!!
oh my god. takuro looks amazing in that picture. thanks a million for sharing that. *_* takuro! ♥
XD!! he does!!
i LOVE your icon!
thanks! takuro is my musical genius. ♥ i would be so different without him. he is love!
he sure is ^_^!!
well im glad i could offer you guys these scans XD
Thanxs......and in a fact of theam of Takuro's beauty I wanna say:" hAPPY birthday Takkun!!"
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